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Device Composition Of Baker Oven

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An baker oven is a kitchen appliance that uses radiant heat from electric heating elements to cook food. The electric oven can be used to process some pasta, such as bread, pizza, and also can be used to make tarts, biscuits and other snacks.

Household baker oven are divided into two types: small desktop ovens and built-in ovens. The advantage of a desktop electric oven is that it is very flexible. You can choose different configurations of ovens according to your needs. Due to the different quality and configuration, the price ranges from several hundred to several thousand yuan. Foreign brands are usually more expensive, while domestic products are more cost-effective. high. Many foreign brands are also domestic OEMs. It is recommended to choose the model with "non-oil-filled liner", which will be cleaner for long-term use.

The baker oven is composed of a box body, a box door, an electric heating element, a temperature control and a timing device.
① The box is mostly made of thin steel plate, which is usually a double-layer material.
② The door of the box is equipped with high-temperature-resistant tempered glass and energy-gathering net to keep the temperature in the box and observe the cooking of the food.
③ The electric heating element is usually a metal tube with a surface coated with far-infrared radiation material. Generally, the electric oven has two upper and lower electric heating elements, and some are additionally equipped with one or two on the side of the box.
④ The temperature control element mainly adopts bimetal and has been gradually promoted. ⑤ Timing devices are usually clockwork and electric, the former timing range is less than 1 hour, the latter can reach several hours. Some electric ovens also have a food tray, which is driven by a micromotor and rotates at a low speed to make the food more evenly cooked. In the early 1980s, a computer electric oven appeared. Using temperature sensors, weight sensors, humidity sensors, and microprocessors, the best baking mode can be automatically selected according to the baking program entered in advance to optimize and automate the baking process.

Device Composition Of  Baker Oven